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Studio Arvéntura


Studio Arvéntura is the name of my business. Not only it promotes the musical and extramusical services I provide. It wants to present a larger thought about "handcraft". Eventhough not often discussed in larger public, in the end all music is as well very much a product of hand. The whole process of music making with all its stages from composing, arranging or typing music into performance editions, from writing texts to producing, practising and rehearsing, resembles a process that of a carpenter, sculptor, painter, poet or an author. In music everything leads to a short moment of performance, but like for a chair to exist, all that "handcraft" of the mind and the hands need to take place. With the name studio I mean all this. Arvéntura not only comes from my surname, but combines the the thoughts of future and journey. Also the word arvo means value in finnish, and in a phonetic view arbol is spanish for a tree.

I'm a professional musician specialized in recorders and historical bassoons. I have master degrees in both instruments and I finished studies in Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Rabbe Forsman and Jari S. Puhakka, in Amsterdam conservatory with Paul Leenhouts and Jorge Isaac, in Helsinki conservatory with Jani Sunnarborg and in the conservatory of Brussels with Alain de Rijckere. As a recorder player I'm currently most active in the dutch ensemble The Royal Wind Music which is specialized in 16th century renaissance. As a bassoonist I concentrate at the moment on 18th century orchestral repertoire and 16th/17th century music for dulcian. Other generally active associates are Ensemble Nylandia, Ensemble Un'altra ondata and Café Barock which are all based in Helsinki. I have also collaborated among others with Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, Mannheimer Hofkapelle and Terra Nova collective. In addition I perform theatrical contemporary music chamber and solo programs with recorders.

Petri Arvo - performer of recorders and historical bassoons

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