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Studio Arvéntura

Trio Audi Alteram

Doulce Memoire

(Pierre Regnault)

Praeambulum (BWV 829)
(J. S. Bach)
(Juha T. Koskinen)
Par maintes foys
(Jehan de Vaillant)
Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland (BWV 659)
(J. S. Bach)

Other chamber music

Here is a selection of other chamber music events.
eCorder miniseries:
Lascia ch'io pianga
(Handel: from "Rinaldo")
eCorder miniseries:
A retro jingle / videogame music
eCorder miniseries / cello suite excerpt(BWV 1009)
(J. S. Bach)

Petri Arvo - performer of recorders and historical bassoons

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