Studio Arvéntura

I type in music and arrange music. I can make parts for scores that do not have parts written for, or I can make digital typed versions of handwritten sources.

I write programs, program notes and occasional cd-reviews or articles.

(The final rate will be calculated based on the material and agreement.)

I have two current associates, a dutch magazine Blokfluitist, and a finnish magazine Blokki. In these journals you can find a couple of articles, technique tips and reviews.


My guideline pricing for transcribing/part/score writing is (excl. VAT):

Per resulting page with standard formatting

Standard formatting:

· 6 double staves or

· 12 single staves/page or

· a system of orchestral score of max. 15 parts

· note density of ~0,5 cm on an A4.



· Any other format or density

· Chords/continuo numbers

· Demanding tasks such as complex contemporary or early music sources depending on the source.

Express service

· 2 days before delivery

· 1 day before delivery


10 €

+5 %

+15 % 

+10-80 % 

+50 %

+100 %


My guideline pricing for arranging (excl. VAT):

100 €

20 €


+20 %

+10 % /part

+10 % /part

· One minute of music

· One source page of music with standard formatting(see above)

Possible extras need to be discussed but may depend on:

· From more parts to less parts

· Number of resulting parts/voices above 4

· The difference between the number of desired parts and source parts if more than 1

When contacting please provide a detailed wish for instrumentation, any special wishes and restrictions.

· A program concept with repertoire for ~45 minutes (including sources/publication info + a short description/introduction of 70 words)

· Detailed program notes / CD - review / article / text

 300 €

0,7 € / word

My guideline pricing for programs, program notes and other texts (excl. VAT):



Petri Arvo - performer of recorders and historical bassoons